Saturday, January 30, 2016

Killer robots become reality.

Killer robots become reality.

Killer robots become reality.

Professor Toby Walsh who teaches artificial intelligence at the University of New South Wales and is head of the research group Data61 the Center of Excellence for Information and Communications Technology in Sydney, Australia, talks about the next generation of robots ultraperformant among them about category killer robots.
In an interview with US television station CNN, Toby Walsh says that spent
whole life studying artificial intelligence, but that came to fear that, more specifically, its strength when used as a weapon in the form of robots murderous criminals.

The specialist points out five categories of such robots, stating that it is imperative that they be "stopped in time" to not destroy humanity.

1. Generation killer robot is approaching. American experts say that in 2029 we might have a type of robot as "Terminator". If we consider the drones, this type of robot used for non violent purposes already exists and will be offensive and horns are increasingly sophisticated.

Other examples - Predator Hellfire missiles or - that the next version will no longer have human control, but will be controlled by a computer program. It is amazing that this is possible right now from a technical standpoint.

2. It will be an arms race. When these "geniuses" of technology will appear, and will start an arms race, which will tend to perform increasingly higher. However, computers hip sites doubles in size every two years, which will result in a relatively short period exponential growth of killer robots.

3. killer robots proliferate. Future generations of robots murderers will not cost a lot, and their price will decrease with time, as happens with drones, for instance, the price of which has dropped significantly in ultimiii years. They will also be very easy to build. It would take only a Quadcopter a smartphone and a small weapon or a bomb, and because this system to become a killer robot would be no need for a specialist in software.
The soldiers of the future will be excited about this technology because robots do not need rest or sleep, or long and tedious training. Instead, they act effectively on the battlefield, and if "will fall on duty" not appropriate to be recovered.

The less good news is that the killer robots may move at a time and on
soldiers, and they will have to defend themselves and the only way is to "change the brain 'robot warriors, thus adapting it to the realities.

4. The robots can kill innocent people. The Intercept points out that killer robots could kill innocent people in the event of war. One of the examples of such cases are military operations the US since 2011, the Taliban and Al Qaida in Afghanistan, when "about 9 out of 10 people" from those who were killed by drones "were not Direct targets pursued by Americans ". The Intercept stresses that robots can not detect a "situation" can make some as a human mind. For them there is only "target", thus producing "collateral damage". So far, there have been invented "human drones" to think like a human being.

5. A more complicated situation where drones would be "completely independent". In time, they will develop further and will reach "on par" with human pilots and even exceed them in his performance. Already there are speculations on this topic and even conspiracy theories. For instance, might robots criminals to slip into the wrong hands and to initiate criminal actions against innocent civilians. But the biggest pewricol is acesla that these robots could turn into the perfect weapons for terrorists in the near future. Finally, and wars could break out between robots, in which case the situation could easily escape control and battlefield scenario would look like in video games.

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