Friday, January 29, 2016

Spotlight and Mad Max

Spotlight and Mad Max, the big winners of 2016 Critic's Awards

Spotlight journalism and epic action film Mad Max: Fury Road Sunday night won numerous awards at this year's edition of Critic's Awards in Hollywood, which are awarded by the American press criticism, reports AFP Monday. Such prizes awarded Golden Globes on 10 January, these awards are both productions of cinema and television and are considered indicators of possible Oscar winners in February. Spotlight, Boston Globe newspaper about the investigation on the scandal of pedophile priests, won Best Film and Best Ensemble.

Leonardo DiCaprio won the award for best actor in the film 'The Revenant' is an ode dedicated to survival. While Brie Larson won the award for best actress in the thriller Room.

The biggest winner of the evening was the latest movie Mad Max series, with nine awards out of a total of 13 nominations, among them one for Best Picture of acţiune.The Big Short, which tells the tragicomic key celebrate US economic crisis in 2008, won the award for best comedy, while Vice Versa (turned upside down) won the award for best animated film.

Regarding television, cyber-thriller series Mr Robot, a young computer programmer who lives a double life, won the title of Best Drama Series and Masters of None, the best sitcom.

The award for best actor in a television series went to Jeffrey Tambor, who plays a transsexual father of a family in the hit transparent. The award for best actress in a comedy television series was won by Rachel Bloom, who created, wrote and performs the title role in Crazy ex-girlfriend.
And Carrie Coon won the award for Best Actress in a Drama Series for his role in 'The Leftovers', which has a script unsettling: from day to day, 2% of the population disappears mysteriously arucându them those close an existential anguish.
The Mercedes want people to be quiet about the new technology Car-to-X on the new E-Class, so they brought a researcher MIT to explain why you should not fear that robots will conquer the world and dominate humanity.

Car-to-X communication refers obviously communication between vehicles and between vehicles and transport infrastructure. The basic idea involves using sensors to create a safe and efficient experience driving. The concept is interesting as possible and, as I said above, will be part of the new E-Class. It's a huge step towards autonomous driving, and that's just what Mercedes aims. However, do not overlook the fact that people are not ready to see how machines communicate with each other.

To allay fears, Mercedes brought Professor Andrew McAfee to talk about artificial intelligence and the fact that it does not degenerate into a situation like the one seen in I, Robot. According to the Jalopnik were not blown a few words about machine learning and artificial intelligence, but a complex, about principles and unfounded fears. Also, MIT expert explained why people like Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates Elon Musk have the same fears regarding artificial intelligence. For example, chess was considered a supreme test of human intelligence, but in the last 20 years, computers have become invincible in this game. Obviously, the idea of ​​a super-intelligent machines, which is better than men at all, it's a little scary concept.

Although Elon Musk said at one point that artificial intelligences will awaken the demons, McAfee says that the idea that machines become self-aware and begin to communicate spontaneously and moved between them is very far from reality. Basically, we worry about this aspect it's like we worried that the planet Mars will become overpopulated.

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